Wheeltray™ Standard Edition
Wheeltray™ Standard Edition
Wheeltray™ Standard Edition

Wheeltray™ Standard Edition

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The New Way To Get Work Done on The Go.

Have you even been so busy running from meeting-to-meeting leaving no time to eat? ...Us Too. 

It can be difficult to get work done on the go...Not to mention the mess trying to eat in your car. 

The WheelTray™ Is Your Perfect Solution. 

Getting work done in your car is a breeze when you have a WheelTray™. 


✔️ Comfortable Height: The WheelTray™ Sits at the perfect height leaving room for your stomach to breathe while eating. 

✔️ Laptop Compatible: If you're like us, you get work done on the go. The WheelTray™ Is designed to hold your laptop with ease. 

✔️ Integrated Whiteboard: Easily jot down your ideas on the go with a flip-up whiteboard that's ready when you are. 

✔️ Easily Stored: Nobody like a bulky tray in their car. We've designed the WheelTray™ to Perfectly store in between your seat or in the side compartment! 

Looking to Partner With Us? 

Gain instant Brand-Awareness with a branded WheelTray™

Not only is WheelTray™ useful in a variety of ways for your clients, it's also a great way to gain brand exposure every time they work, eat, or brainstorm in their car.